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Stadium - Seminary Historic District

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About the District


Tacoma's high-style residential district, the Stadium Seminary National Historic District, is listed on the National Register (1977). The Stadium-Seminary District occupies beautiful tree-lined avenues between North I Street and the shoreline, and between First Street and North 10th Street. A stroll or drive through the Stadium-Seminary District, with its stunning views of Puget Sound, provides insight into the lives of the early lumber barons and railroad executives.

The area is important because it is one of the earliest  residential areas of Tacoma and it contains outstanding examples of high style home building from the late 19th to the early 20th century.

District Requirements

The Stadium-Seminary District is not listed on the Tacoma Register of Historic Places, so changes to buildings in this district do not require review by the Landmarks Preservation Commission or Historic Preservation Office.

Exceptions include projects that involve federally or state-owned properties or are funded using federal or state funds, and properties subject to SEPA or other federally required permits.

Financial Incentives

Buildings that are nominated to the Tacoma Register of Historic Places that are undergoing substantial rehabilitation may qualify for financial incentives, including the Special Tax Valuation Program and the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit.

Please visit our financial incentives page for more information.