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Professional Development and Training

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Professional Development Opportunities

There are no Professional Development Opportunities scheduled at this time.

Professional Development Resources

Artist Trust
Artist Trust is a not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to support and encourage individual artists working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State.

Programs include:
 - Grants for Artist Projects and Fellowships for individual artists working in the visual, performing, media, literary, and interdisciplinary arts
 - Resources: a searchable database of opportunities including funding, residency programs, employment listings and resources, studio space & housing listings, discipline-specific resources, legal resources, health resources, and emergency assistance programs
 - EDGE Professional Development Program
 - Professional Development workshops
 - Newsletters and resource room
 - Artists' Assets: a professional resource guide for artists



Shunpike helps all kinds of small and mid-sized arts groups better manage the business aspects of art through three programs:
 - Accountability & the Arts is a series of free public workshops to help local arts groups become more effective and efficient. 
 - Partner Artists is designed for new and emerging arts groups, this program fosters accountability and sustainability by providing fiscal sponsorship, overseeing finances and assisting with strategic planning, fundraising and budgeting. 
 - Sustainable Organizations builds capacity for mid-size arts groups that need help with administration, management, board development or fundraising by providing customized training and consulting. 



Washington Lawyers for the Arts
Washington Lawyers for the Arts (WLA) is a nonprofit service organization dedicated to supporting the arts in Washington state by creating alliances and making legal resources accessible to artists and arts organizations of all disciplines. Programs include:
 - Arts Legal Clinics: low-cost 30-minute appointments to meet with an attorney who specializes in arts and entertainment law. They may discuss topics such as copyright or trademark and other intellectual property topics, contract review and non-profit issues.
 - Brown Bag Seminars
 - Speakers Bureau



Washington Attorneys Assisting Community Organizations (WAACO)
WAACO promotes community development and organizational capacity-building in Washington State by assisting charitable and community-based nonprofit organizations and low-income microentrepreneurs to obtain free legal assistance on business-related matters.



Economic Gardening Program
The City of Tacoma’s Economic Gardening program helps to cultivate our local businesses by providing them with the information and training that they need to be successful in today’s marketplace. Each year, the City of Tacoma hosts free workshops to assist businesses in sharpening their business skills. The Economic Gardening team works individually with businesses to assess their business needs and provide them the best information to establish or expand their business.



The Nonprofit Center
The Nonprofit Center is a nonprofit organization that provides education, leadership development, consultation and peer networking connections to nonprofit organizations in the South Puget Sound area.




Arts Symposium 

2011 Arts Symposium

Non-Traditional Publishing: Experience from Writers Who've Done It (WMA)

2010 Arts Symposium Handouts

Things You Wished You learned in Art School: The Art of Marketing (PDF)

The Creative Maker: Time Management for Artists (PDF)

Public Art Step-by-Step (PDF)

Public Art Fabrication Resources (PDF)

Public Art Resources (PDF)

Fundraising 101, part A (PDF)

Fundraising 101, part B (PDF)


2009 Arts Symposium Handouts
What Artists and Authors Need to Know About Copyright (PDF)

Get Your Name in the News

Artists on the Internet 101

Surviving and Thriving in Turbulent Times

Beyond the Elevator Speech: Writing and Talking About Your Work


2008 Arts Symposium Handouts
Surviving the Thriving in Turbulent Times
 - Surviving and Thriving part 1 (PDF)
 - Surviving and Thriving part 2 (PDF)
 - Surviving and Thriving part 3 (PDF)
 - Surviving and Thriving part 4 (PDF)
 - Surviving and Thriving part 5 (PDF)

Small Business Basics: The Art of Marketing
 - The Art of Marketing part 1 (PDF)
 - The Art of Marketing part 2 (PDF)
 - The Art of Marketing part 3 (PDF)
 - The Art of Marketing part 4 (PDF)
 - The Art of Marketing part 5 (PDF)

What Artists and Authors Need to Know About Copyright
 - Copyright session PowerPoint slides (PDF)

Tips from the Trade: Portfolio Submissions and the Curatorial Process
 - Exhibition Resources for Artists (PDF)

Transitioning to Public Art: Methods for Translating 2-D Work to the Public Realm
 - Regional Resources for Public Art (PDF)
 - Fabrication Resources (PDF)
 - Agreement for Fabrication (Word)

Community Guide to Creating Public Art

Are you interested in creating public art in your community, but don't know where to begin? This workbook is designed to assist community volunteers to plan and implement small scale public art. 

Download Workbook (Word)